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Employee Wellness

Employee wellness is built on the premise that healthy employees have a positive impact on the bottom line in many ways. ‘Healthy employees’ leads to ‘Happy employees’ and often translates to ‘Engaged and Productive’ employees – which is good for business.

The intent of most employee wellness programs is threefold:

  • Improve employee’s health.
  • Reduce health risks in employee populations.
  • Reduce employee healthcare costs.

Employee wellness specifically addresses common health risks that exist within any given workforce such as stress, obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. It’s already been proven that these risks lead to major health challenges for individual employees and put a financial strain on the employer subsidizing the health plan covering the affected individuals. Adopting an employee wellness program is a proactive way to address these issues and ensure employees have the support they need to correct and adjust behaviors that typically play a role in creating these risks to begin with.